Improving the quality of your payroll service


In the fourth in our series of blogs on payroll issues, Moore and Smalley’s payroll manager Margaret Merrifield gives her tips for improving your payroll service.


Payroll taxes must be reported and paid to the government accurately and on time. Employers who fail to do so face stiff penalties.


Training and recruitment


It is therefore essential to hire payroll staff with the appropriate qualifications, skills and experience. Employers are advised to check references carefully to ensure candidates are capable of carrying out the work required.


Alternatively, you may be in a position to train someone inhouse – but they must have sound mathematical, problem-solving and organisational skills. Training should be carried out by an accredited provider and include instruction on payroll procedures as well as operating software. Training should also result in a recognised qualification.


Dealing with employees


Staff can become understandably annoyed when mistakes are made with their pay so it’s important that your payroll staff can handle situations sensitively. This means responding to inquiries promptly and resolving issues efficiently.


If an error has resulted in a staff member receiving significantly less than they should have, make sure you can sort out the issue speedily so that an immediate payment can be made if the employee can’t manage until the next pay day.


Keep your payroll team separate


Pay is a sensitive issue. If one employee discovers he or she is paid less than someone else, there can be bad-feeling and lost productivity. You can protect confidentiality by locating your payroll team in its own office. The payroll office and its systems should be adequately secure too.


Payroll outsourcing


Outsourced payroll businesses use specialists who are trained in all areas of payroll activity. They are especially cost effective for smaller employers who may not have the resources to employ an in-house team.


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