Improve your sales: Time Management


Hello and welcome to my first blog of 2014. The festive season seems such a long time ago. But before I go any further, let me ask you a straightforward question, how quickly have you got back into the groove of things? And by groove of things I mean selling, bringing in new business, upselling your current customers, managing your best and worst accounts. I think that quite a few of us will be saying not quick enough. So let me see if I can help.


Time Management is the old sea dog that always seems to run away with itself. There are countless more important things to do and say before we try and sell something, until, that is, we don’t sell anything. But if we continue to put things off (procrastinate) then what was important turns into urgent, and this is the first lesson of Time Management.


Urgent can be classed as health and safety issues, time critical situations and actions preventing financial loss. As for sales it’s losing out on  business, by not following up on time every time, which means you miss target, lose money, become less profitable and eventually go out of business.


Important is everything else you do, so whilst we are sat considering who to sell to next, who to pick up the phone to next, who to make an appointment with next, consider whether your next action is required based on urgent versus important and if it is urgent, take a deep breath, dive in and do something about it, you’ll feel better for starters and you’ll probably wonder what all the fuss was about, and you never know you may even get the result you’re looking for.


Thanks for reading my blog, if anyone has any questions, thoughts or considerations with regards to what I ‘ve said then don’t hesitate to contact me, also you can check out our website for further information.


Happy selling – Cheers Ali