How to Stand Out on Linkedin

Linkedin is the number one social media platform for the business world, offering companies and individuals the opportunity to build their networks and in some cases, win new business. With one of the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rates, many are now using the social media platform as way to improve ROI and capitalise on prospects.


According to Linkedin’s own figures, 1 in 3 business people across the world are using the site, with over 28% of these able to make key decisions and control budget. Reports suggest that over 59% of users on Linkedin don’t have a Twitter account and around 13% don’t have a Facebook account.


Holding distinct idiosyncrasies means that users who want to utilise the B2B platform for commercial gain need to approach it very differently to rival sites like Facebook and Twitter. With this in mind, follow our top 5 tips for staying ahead of the game.


Got a piece of content that has attracted good engagement? Use it again! You don’t have to just post your work once. Just take into consideration the comments that you previously received and make adjustments where necessary.


Use different headlines with recycled content and then split test these over various days/weeks/months to see which ones your audience react best to.


Another great way to reuse your best posts is to turn them into totally different formats, such as infographics.



It’s no secret that the web is becoming more visual. Our screens are clearer than ever and our expectation to see high res images scattered throughout our newsfeed is off the charts. With this comes a hesitancy towards only clicking a link if we feel visually enticed.


This is certainly true on Linkedin, in fact, it’s thought that posts that include images are 80% more likely to get read. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, the engagement for videos is far less than images, so make sure to include one where you can. This means on your company page too!


Use Keywords

When a Linkedin company profile is created, you have the option to add keywords on the page. Because every profile is searchable via the box at the top of the screen, these keywords can help to increase your traffic.
Utilising Google’s Keyword Planner can help you to create lists of keywords and short phrases that you can incorporate into your page.

Ask Questions

The headline space on Linkedin is far more liberal than Twitter’s meek 140 characters. Make the most of this space by asking your audience questions to drive engagement and traffic. When you parallel this with a url link to a blog post, video or a piece of curated content, you gain the opportunity to double your engagement.


Don’t just limit your questioning to your post, wait for responses and drive conversations with your audience. This will ensure you extend your reach to their network, as every comment will appear in the person’s newsfeed.


Join Linkedin Groups

Linkedin groups are a great way of extending your network and finding like-minded companies\individuals.


By participating in industry-relevant groups you increase your visibility on the platform, as well as gaining the ability to add real value for prospects and your network. As you become a thought-leader in your sector you will find the ‘shares’ and ‘likes’ come naturally.


Another good reason for joining multiple groups is that you can pick up ideas, thoughts, and best practices from other users.


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