How to be a better boss


Demonstrate trust by delegating responsibility


Show your people you have confidence in them by giving them responsibility. If you don’t, the talented ones will become frustrated and jump ship and the others will let you do all the work.


Communication is key


Keep your staff in the picture on new developments and changes in the pipeline. By giving them information about company performance, trading conditions and corporate events you will enable them to see themselves and their work in a proper context.


Be friendly – but not everyone’s friend


Trying to be everyone’s friend will create big problems, but being friendly can be hugely beneficial to staff motivation. People will respond positively if you lighten up and create a relaxed atmosphere, never forgetting that you are totally serious about results.


Criticise constructively


Keep in mind that your endgame is to reach agreement on a constructive solution. If possible, begin with some genuine praise, then keep the criticism fact-based and avoid issues relating to personalities. Criticism should always take place in private.