How do I create an App and take it to market?


You wake up in the middle of the night with a brand new idea for an App? You’re excited, you think it could be the next big thing but where do you start?


I spoke to Daniel Sedgwick of who has recently developed his Gas Checker App.   Daniel describes his experience and gives his 5 top tips for success….


When you have an idea for a new App it is important to decide which market you want to get it on.   There are currently 2 major players, Apple’s AppStore or Google’s Google Play store.  Apple’s operating system is called iOS and Google’s operating system is Android. Personally, I don’t think you need to look at other markets for the time being as they are simply not big enough.


There are 3 elements required to get your idea off the ground:


1.  A development team to create and code the app


2.  A design team to make the app look and feel nice


3.  Website developers to build a website to drive traffic and, depending on the type of app, to manage the content within the app.


Most companies will offer a team of the above, so as long as you find the right team you will be well on your way.


Daniel’s top tips


1 The most important thing you need is to get the right team in place. You can add your project to sites such as elance   This is basically a freelancing site where you can upload your project details and people will bid on your project. This site is particularly good as the developers have to work very hard for feedback, it also gives you a chance to get a realistic price of what your app is going to cost before getting started.


2 Apps have evolved and are massively popular as ultimately they make any digital experience easy and quick.  You need to think about how you are going to make your app quick and easy to use, this is known as a ‘user experience’. Get this straight in your head and write it down exactly what your users will experience, this way the developers have a clear understanding of exactly how the app will work and feel.


3 Is there a market for your app? Does your app do something that no other app does or have you found away or making your app do something easier or better than another app out there? If you can’t find a way of beating the competition, it’s probably not worth doing.


4 Is your app going to be free or paid?  If your app is free, then obviously Google or Apple can’t charge you as it doesn’t generate any income.   If you want to sell your app, you will need to pay Apple or Android 30% of any revenue generated.  You need to factor this cost in when looking at the numbers to see if your app is commercially viable.


5 So you’ve done all the above; you have found a developer with a good pedigree who can deliver your app on budget, on time and to your exact requirement.  Now you need to think about exposing it to the world.  This is the hardest bit, you may have the best app in ever created, but if nobody knows about it then it’s no good to man nor beast.  A good place to start is social networks, we have all seen and know of things going viral on the back of a re-tweet or a Facebook like, get on these platforms and get your friends to spread the word. If you’re targeting a particular sector invest in a database and email these people, advertise in magazines and get people talking about it. Put it on your website hang a flag on your roof, order an aerial advertising plane, do whatever you need to do to drive traffic to it!


Daniel @gaschecker would be happy to share his experience in more detail if you require any further information.