How Coronavirus is Affecting Search Engine Marketing?

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed everyone’s lives, both personally and from a business perspective. The outbreak has shifted consumer behaviour and greatly impacted operations of businesses across the world.

Guest bloggers, Epic New Media, take a look at how the pandemic is affecting Search Engine Marketing.

Drop in PPC Activity

Businesses are understandably looking to reduce advertising spend due to the current economic uncertainty. PPC campaigns can require a sizeable budget, as there is the actual ad spend, which is paid directly to Google, and a management fee for the agency. For these reasons, many PPC campaigns are being paused.

The top 3 positions of Google are usually PPC ads, so even if you are ranking in 1st position, your website appears in the 4th available slot in Google’s search results (although position 1 organically receives 32% of the clicks).

Companies stopping their PPC campaigns means that organic search results have more visibility in Google search results.

Google has announced they are giving $340 million in ad credits in order to support SMEs. They are hoping this will help businesses to continue to run PPC campaigns during the pandemic.

Organic Keyword Rankings are an Asset

To grow, businesses need repeatable and predictable routes to market that produce a steady stream of leads and enquires. There aren’t many better repeatable routes to market than occupying the top position of Google for keywords that drive relevant traffic to your site.

Earning position 1 or 2 within Google search results is an ‘asset’ for a business, but it can take between 12 and 24 months to achieve this for the medium to high volume monthly keyword searches.

At this strange time, we have seen these assets go from being a key enquiry generator in our client’s overall marketing and sales mix to being the only reliable generator of inbound demand.

Trends in Search Engine Marketing

Coronavirus has understandably changed users search habits. Keyword searches relating to areas such as Travel, Construction and Transportation have taken a hit. While keywords relating to Finance, Groceries, Media and Healthcare have seen an increase in the number of searches.


There is a lot of uncertainty about what the future holds for Coronavirus and how it will affect people’s lives and businesses. However, it is important to identify how to bounce back and generate a repeatable route to market.

All information above is correct as of 07/04/2020 and is provided by specialist Craig Tennant, Online Marketing Manager from Epic New Media, who specialise in SEO and PPC. To visit their website please click on the link attached.

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