How Can You Manage Your Wealth?

Managing Partner and Head of Financial Planning, Graham Gordon, and Tax Partner, Tony Medcalf, discuss how families can manage and control their wealth in line with tax expectations, and pass it on to future generations.


There are many traditional routes that families may take, such as

• ISAs
• Trusts and how parents can manage and control the assets within the trust, how to use the income from those assets tax efficiently, utilising more income tax bands for younger family members and how to maintain control and protection for children.

• Pension Contributions can act as a means of putting wealth away tax efficiently and meaning that one will be comfortable when they get to retirement age.

• Family Investment – a lot of clients are now turning to investment in residential and commercial property where money can be lent into the company and income from those assets can be drawn out.

• School Fees Planning


These are all ways that wealthy families can consider in order to manage and protect their wealth, and with our Private Client Service we can assist by examining the concerns that are raised with each of these routes.