A healthy mind in a healthy body


Welcome back to 2014 and according to the even the most hard bitten cynic, the UK economy will be getting even stronger; which sounds to me like we need to get ready.  So after a period of much deserved indulgence (or perhaps over indulgence), we will need to knuckle down and refocus.


Focus on what?


In previous blogs the focus has been primarily on behaviour; being clear on what you are trying to achieve (Mission); defining values and believing in yourself and what you are aiming to achieve.  The truth is, you can have a clear goal with a robust plan and a will of steel focused on making it happen, but if you are not fit it will make the journey harder than it needs to be!


I am not suggesting that you rush out and join the nearest gym; I am suggesting that you get yourself back into a rhythm which includes watching what you eat.  Adding to that a dollop of exercise – whether that is walking more; jogging on the spot or a marathon, weave something physical as part of your weekly routine and start feeling good.


You will be surprised how quickly you will start to feel good as those endorphins (natural hormone released through exercise) flow through your body.  If you feel good you are more inclined to be optimistic and motivated (you can see where we are going here).  If you are more optimistic, you are more inclined to stick at things and make a difference.


A healthy mind in a healthy body


Don’t just read; exercise too – it is worth the effort


Have a fantastically successful 2014.