GP recruitment crisis

Practice under pressure, partners wanting to retire, is this is a familiar landscape for your practice?

The Public Accounts Committee and NHS England are expected to produce a report this month on what action they are taking to tackle key workforce issues, including nursing shortages and high levels of GP retirement and provide evidence to show whether current plans are adequate to tackle this serious problem.

Current solutions include:

GP retainer scheme

Could a partner leaving be persuaded to return as a salaried GP under the retainer scheme?

Those who are eligible are: GPs designated as ‘retained GPs’ (RGPs), any GPs who are not in practice but have practised in the past two years and any GPs who can provide their GP Deanery with ‘compelling evidence that they are intending to leave practice and would do so without this scheme’.

The practice can claim £76.92 per session that the RGP works. A retained GP session is 4 hours 10 minutes.

£1m is also being invested in the retention programme, this was announced as part of the GP Careers Plus pilots last November which will be looking at ways GPs aged over 55 can work more flexibly.

Golden Hello scheme

A scheme offering £20,000 golden hellos to GP trainees in areas that struggle to recruit will be widened as part of a package of measures to address the GP workforce crisis announced by the health secretary in November

The £20k salary supplement is attracting trainees to certain areas of the country where training is excellent, but the application rate has been historically low.

Health Education England alongside CCGs and NHS England operate this and other similar schemes

Be a training practice

Being a training practice can help recruit from the pool of trainees in practice whilst bringing in additional grant monies.

Work environment

It is important to bear in mind that there is a vast choice of vacancies available for GPs and the partner route is increasingly not the option of choice.

Take a hard look at how your practice is run, is it an attractive work environment with a solid work life balance?

Business coaching could offer the practice a chance to take a different perspective and improve the balance of where the practice is going and how it operates day to day formulating a strategy for the future.

MHA Moore and Smalley offer strategy days and previous delegates have given excellent feedback.

If you would like further information, please contact Susan Charnock or call 01253 404404.