GP+, A new style of accounting for forward thinking GPs

We are all aware of how precious and short time is with a hundred and one things to fit into the daily work routine and so how often it is the regular accounting and book keeping matters that take a back seat and are left for another moment.

Unfortunately, in these days of the general practice profits squeeze and ever increasing requirement to act as a business, finance really does need to be a priority for partners and managers in order to keep on top of the position regularly.

Those that have already switched to cloud accounting packages will be well aware of the benefits these systems bring to business and to take one step further for GP practices we have helped to develop an APP which will take the Open Exeter statements and post all of that data into your package at the click of a button.

I would therefore like to introduce you to a revolutionary, new and unique accounting solution App called GP+.

GP+ is specifically designed to help GP Practices be more efficient – saving time and therefore money in entering this information into your accounting package, producing regular reports to check all claims have been correctly made and received and a consistent allocation into the different categories to allow year end processes to be quicker for you and your accountants.

Some of the main benefits are:

  • This App is specifically designed to allow automatic uploads of Open Exeter statements into your accounting software. At present, this is only available for QuickBooks online but will be rolled out for Xero users very soon.
  • The App works on the same principle as cloud accounting software. All of the entries on the open Exeter statements are matched to your chart of accounts and inserted into QuickBooks at the click of a button. Once set up, the App remembers and replicates from your previous postings and automatically matches them, meaning all that is required is a quick review to confirm.
  • In terms of book keeping and processing, we are seeing savings of over an hour a month from non-manual entry of this data.
  • You do not need to continually update your recurring journals for those one-off entries or changing amounts.
  • You get absolute consistency of allocations of NHS entries, which allows the reports within the App to be used by management to monitor variations and spot any issues early. In addition, the year end accounts analysis is prepared for you. These savings could account for a days’ worth of analysis time saved in the accounts production process.

The App has been developed under the ‘lincify’ brand.

Please visit the website for further information and for a free trial version. Alternatively for more information or to arrange a demonstration please contact Nick Stevenson via