Government support for charities

The Chancellor has acknowledged the role of charities in the current situation and the impact of reduced fundraising opportunities on their ability to continue to offer vital services.

The support package announced includes:-

  • £360 million direct from government departments. This will include support for:
    • hospices to help increase capacity and give stability to the sector (potentially up to £200m)
    • St John Ambulance to support the NHS
    • victims charities, including domestic abuse, to help with potential increase in demand for charities providing these services
    • vulnerable children charities, so they can continue delivering services on behalf of local authorities
    • Citizens Advice to increase the number of staff providing advice during this difficult time
  • £370 million for smaller charities, including through a grant to the National Lottery Community Fund. This will support those organisations at the heart of local communities which are making a big difference during the outbreak, including those delivering food, essential medicines and providing financial advice.
  • A commitment from the Government to match donations to the National Emergencies Trust as part of the BBC’s Big Night In fundraiser later this month – pledging a minimum of £20 million

Government departments will now be working to identify priority recipients, with the aim for charities to receive money in the coming weeks.   The application system for the National Lottery Community Fund is expected to be operational within a similar period of time.

For further guidance on the impact of Covid-19 on charities please read our insight here.