Google’s deadline day approaches for mobile unfriendly websites

How’s your website? Is it mobile responsive? If not, it needs to be, since Google has announced new ranking factors coming into effect in April.


As Google continues to move toward supporting websites that have the most value for customers, it has announced further updates to its algorithm which will include ranking sites on their mobile-friendliness.


Google has said that from April 21, its mobile ranking factors will not only label websites as mobile-friendly, but will use that to decide if you should be higher up the pecking order in search results.


With half of searches now made on mobile, Google itself is investing more in mobile infrastructure and this change will have a significant impact on languages worldwide.


Google also said that “users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices”.


The multi-billion pound company has made it very clear over recent years that sites should be facilitating the growing needs and searching habits of the average mobile user. It is clear that companies should be very conscious of accommodating at least half of their audience.


At mmadigital’s February event to celebrate our move to a new HQ, Duncan Watts from Google stressed the importance on investing in your website for mobile use, with images, clear calls to action above the fold and treating mobile differently to desktop and tablet.


And he had a stark warning: “Unless you have a good first touch on mobile – forget it. This time next year, 60% of legal searches will be on mobile.”


It’s been important for a long time to make sure that your website is responsive to desktop, tablet and increasingly mobile screens, but now Google’s changes have advanced the urgency and necessity of a responsive website.


Following the recent successful launch of mmadigital’s Academy, a series of workshops on digital marketing trends and how to make the most of them, the next sessions will be on responsive web design. This timely event will be held in late April at mmadigital’s stunning new HQ at Abney Hall in Cheadle, Cheshire.


This workshop will give more in-depth insights into what it means to have a responsive, why it’s important to your customers and why it is a must for your business.


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