Fundraising guidance

Since November last year, charities requiring an audit have had to include additional disclosures in the accounts relating to their approach to fundraising. This was driven by concerns over the fundraising practices in some charities and a lack of awareness by Trustees as to how funds were being raised, particularly by professional fundraisers.

Trustees need to ensure that they are overseeing fundraising in the same way that they oversee charitable activities.  In order to assist Trustees, the Institute of Fundraising has published ‘Trustees and Fundraising – A Practical Handbook’.  The aim of the guidance is to ensure that Trustees can fulfil their role in ensuring that their organisation’s approach to fundraising is in keeping with its purpose, values and culture.

The guidance includes ten questions every Trustee should be able to answer including whether they are aware of the fundraising strategy, what methods are used, and whether they are satisfied that the charity is compliant with all fundraising standards and legislation.  There is an overview of the regulations and guidance on ensuring that fundraising is sustainable.

Fundraising practices are often the areas which result in adverse publicity for charities and undermine the public’s trust.   By reviewing the guidance, Trustees are in a good position to monitor and question fundraising practices and ensure that their charity is not damaged by any questionable practices.

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