Five ways to give your website a boost


It may have been months, even years since you last updated your website. Maybe you have pictures of staff members who no longer work with you or latest news articles that were written years ago? If that is the case then now is the time to update your website.


If you are not taking care of general house-keeping on your website then the volume of traffic you have could be suffering.


Here are five simple ways to give your website a boost, and thus, increase traffic.


Update your blog


If you have a blog section then it is vital that you are updating it on a weekly basis.  Write blog posts that are informative, interesting and that encourage people to share. Your blog posts shouldn’t be stuffy or boring, they should inspire your reader. Make sure you are offering a mixture of advice, tips and information about your business. But don’t be too sales orientated. That just puts people off.


News feed


Do you have a news feed on your site?  One where you post articles that have been in the paper or PR that features your business? Often these sections of your website can be neglected. Failing to update your news section or leaving posts on there since the dawn of time can mean that your visitors lose interest.  Your visitors will want to read what is going on, but if the same article has been ‘most recent’ for the past two years then they will quickly click elsewhere. It just looks messy and lazy.


Picture perfect


Imagery matters when it comes to your website.  If you want to find a quick, cheap and easy way to enhance your website then update your images.  Whether you have images on your homepage or head shots of all the staff, a few recent images can make all the difference. Photo call; time for everyone to say ‘cheese’.


Order, order


Does your website have a nice flow to it?  How easy is it for the user to find what they are looking for?  If you get lost when using your website how do you think your visitors will feel?  Perhaps it is time to look at re-working the flow, re-organising the user experience and make your website a better place to be. Adding a site map will help if your website is quite large with lots of pages. A good site map displays a logical order of your pages, and Google loves a good site map too!


Got a question?


If you have quite a complex website with lots of serious information then an FAQ page is one of the best ways to help your visitors.  Every industry has jargon, and the accountancy industry is no exception. Help to educate your visitors, provide them with a glossary, pre-empt some of the questions that they may ask and make life easier for them.


These are just five simple ways to help boost your website.  Think about your visitors and how to make life easier for them.  And, if it has been a long time since you familiarised yourself with your website then take a little trip down memory lane. What do you find?


For further information please contact Dez Derry from MMA Digital on 0162 452 0311.