Enhancing the showroom experience with the digital age

Motor dealers are seeing a change in customer perceptions to the digital world, with many surveys now being released showing that customers would have no qualms with buying a car entirely online as opposed to the traditional showroom approach. The issue with these surveys, is that a high percentage of customers find customisation more difficult online, and the digital world often falls short in delivering adequate information, with not all available models and variations included on websites.

If the customer chooses to go to a traditional dealership rather than purchasing online due to the lack of information, this is where the salesperson needs to be able to show the models variations in a digital light, as it is unlikely that many of the options will be stocked in the showroom as modern cars are increasingly being released with more options and personalisation.

Being able to blend the use of digital technology in the showrooms, such as Ipads or virtual reality of designing the car in the virtual world will more than likely drive footfall, and in turn generate interest.

The dealership is not redundant, it’s evolving, and dealerships need to join up the digital experience currently offered online with the physical experience offered in-store to ensure that they are not going to be left behind.

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