Email marketing, are you doing it right?

Email marketing is a relatively traditional practice which many do, but few get right. Take a look at your own inbox, it’s easy to spot unsolicited spam from a mile away and if the message is from an unknown source, it can be difficult to click ‘open’ without hesitancy.

With the rise in social media popularity showing no signs of slowing (a mere 1.77 billion active users currently), many marketeers are questioning whether they should be moving away from email marketing and directing their attention elsewhere. While channels like social media certainly shouldn’t be ignored, marketers should tread carefully before ditching a cost effective medium which can link businesses with over 4 billion people.


Instead you should be asking yourself ‘are we getting the most out of our email marketing campaigns?. To help you answer this we have put together five quick tips that will help to boost your ROI:


Mobile Optimisation
Unfortunately, just cramming your desktop email into a smartphone screen doesn’t count as ‘optimisation’. With over 50% of people in the UK accessing their emails from mobile phones, you should be creating responsive messages that open cleanly and make accessing the information easy. Don’t create hurdles for your audience. If you haven’t got the tools to create mobile responsive emails, think about shortening your message, reducing the copy, limiting attachments and resizing images.


An Awesome Subject Line
While it’s great to have an email tailored for a range of devices, it’s useless if you’ve got a weak subject line that doesn’t grab the attention of recipients. It’s thought that around 100 billion emails are sent and received each day, so having a mediocre subject line could potentially leave your newsletter, sales pitch or outreach message hidden. While this topic could have an article of it’s own, here are a few little tips:


• Add recipient names to personalise the email e.g “Joe Bloggs, we really wanted to share this…”
• Keep it short and sweet, 50 characters or fewer should display neatly.
• Tell the recipient how they are going to benefit from opening the email.
• Don’t over use CAPITAL LETTERS, not only is it aggressive, it makes the message look like spam.

Track and test email performance results to continually boost ROI. Testing headlines, calls to action, subject lines, offers, design and so on is the only way to know for sure what works and what doesn’t work for your target audience.

One of the best ways to track the above is to use mass email solutions like Mailchimp, Dotmailer, Industry Mailout and Send Blaster (this list isn’t exhaustive). Most of these will offer various reporting sections that highlight things like open rates, click rates, forwarded, and successful deliveries. You should also be sending slightly different Eshots to various segments of audience. By A/B testing something as minor as a subject line, you will start to get an idea of what your audience responds well too and can therefore optimise your future mail-outs accordingly. You can take this one step further by multivariate testing.


Generalised messages and offers are of limited interest to your readers. Try segmenting your subscribers based on different factors to make sure your mail-outs are heavily optimised, and most importantly relevant. The following are a few different areas that you can segment by:
• Previous client.
• Potential client.
• Interest.
• Age.
• Location.


Or any other common factor. Then create tailored emails and you will see fantastic improvements in your email marketing ROI.


Cleanup Your Mailing List
Sending emails to obsolete addresses will lead to a humongous failure rate. These failures:
Are a waste of resources.
Skew your email marketing ROI statistics.
Cleaning up your mailing list will help ensure your messages are getting delivered to your customers and will make your email ROI completely transparent.


If you would like some more advice on running highly optimised email marketing campaigns or are interested in having our award-winning experts take the reigns, please contact us at for more information.