Digital & creative business: Increase your chances of investment


David Smith, Investment Director at AXM Venture Capital Limited, manager of The North West Fund 4 Digital and Creative sets out some of the important criteria he looks for when digital & creative businesses approach him for investment from the fund.


AXM are really keen to hear from entrepreneurial teams with great ideas – better still, with some early evidence that they can build a product or service and create a business. We look for:


Good people: This can be either raw talent or a proven track record.  Show experience in the market you’re targeting and have the right technical skills.


Dedication and passion: it’s hard work running a successful business, you’ll need (and need to show) absolute commitment to succeed.


Businesses with the potential to get big and profitable in a sensible timescale and that someone one day will want to buy.


David’s tips


1.            Know your market and have a product or service that is better, and can stay ahead of , the competition


2.            Think through how you can market your product or service cost effectively


3.            Show your market knowledge and the coherence of your ideas in a smart, concise business plan.


4.            Have a product that can evolve


The North West Fund 4 Digital and Creative has had almost 300 applicants this year. You can read about some of the investments made so far in my November blog.  Business planning and forecasting are my specialist areas, so if you need help with this element then do get in touch.


Potential applicants can contact David directly at: