Deadlines, fines and penalties


Although most people are aware that HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) forms need to be filed by certain dates in order to avoid fines or penalties, not everyone is aware that these fines can accumulate quite quickly in the continued absence of the required form.




Form P35, which is the ‘annual return’ for PAYE must be filed by 19th May in the following tax year.  So a 2011/12 P35 must be filed by 19th May 2012.


A £100 penalty is levied for payrolls with 50 employees or less, for each month, or part thereof, for which the form remains unfiled.  Consequently if the P35 were not filed until 22nd June 2012 a penalty of £200 would be payable.


Deadline planning


With separate deadlines for different liabilities it is not surprising that sending in forms can get overlooked by busy individuals, but this can be costly, particularly when HMRC insist that you file ‘nil returns’ if the form was initially requested by them.


Conscious of the stress that this can cause, the Moore and Smalley small business team have designed a deadline planner which can be personalised for each business and helps to minimise the risk of missing important deadlines.


If you would like a free personalised deadline planner for your business simply contact me at