Cyber Security lessons from Bond to Small Business in Lancaster


I attended the launch of the Small Business Cyber Security Survey at Lancaster University on Tuesday 30 October 2012.


The Executive summary starts as follows:-


“Most people would agree that both the rate of adoption of digital technologies and the pace of change within the digital industries are ever increasing. Consumers and Businesses alike are presented with an ever changing landscape where technologies are becoming more powerful, perhaps more complex and certainly more available. Customers want higher levels of service and their product ‘now’ whilst staff want to be able to balance work and life better with the adoption of agile or virtualised working practices. Digitally based solutions can offer the means for small business owners to achieve this. They are able to communicate more easily with clients and suppliers, transact business quicker, give great visibility to partners and stakeholders alike and offer staff more flexible working conditions. Ultimately, in order to compete, companies are almost expected to embrace digital systems. This report seeks to ask the question: “in this headlong rush to embrace digital systems and practices, what security measures are being (or could be) put in place by smaller companies to protect their businesses, their staff, their clients and wider stakeholders.”


I found the event very informative and Video highlights and the full report can be found on the event page .


The following week I went to see the new Bond film, Skyfall and then read this article on cyber security lessons that can be learnt from the film. “The real threat of cyber crime and the vulnerability of organisations is nowhere more apparent than when the youthful MI6 boffin Q tells Bond:  “I can do more damage on my laptop in my pyjamas than you can do in a year in the field.


The next step at Lancaster is a Cyber Security workshop event that will be held in the last week of January 2013 (date to be confirmed).


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