Content Marketing – 6 Quick Tips


Content Marketing (CM) is a fairly recent marketing term that describes the creation and publication of great content online.  CM helps businesses to brand themselves, showcase their expertise and assists the acquisition of new business.


When embarking on a CM Campaign it is important to ensure that you don’t write content for the sake of it.  You are writing as a marketer so make sure you research, plan and execute as a marketer.


Here are 6 tips that you should consider before, during and after your content marketing campaign.


Find your angle


Don’t publish junk.  Assess your knowledge and expertise and decide if there is an online audience that will benefit from the information.


Don’t be afraid to share knowledge


With the continuous rise in popularity of content marketing the amount of information online is unprecedented.  To make sure that you stand out above the rest it is important that you share even the most secret of advice and wow your audience.


Focus on quality design


Content is one thing but if it doesn’t look good then your audience may turn off.  Break the content up, use plenty of images and try to use bullet points or numbers.


Vary your content


Content Marketing is more than just blogging.  Don’t forget to explore other channels such as YouTube, Podcasting, e-books and white papers.


Answer your common questions


Answering questions that you are frequently asked can have two great benefits.  Firstly you have a resource where you can direct people so they can receive an in depth answer to their question.  Secondly, chances are if you are being asked the question then others are also probably searching the question online.  By adding the question in the title of the blog post you increase the chances of your information being found through the search engines.


Lead them to take action    


And finally, be clear on your objectives for producing the content.  What do you want the audience to do next?  Sign up to your newsletter?  Make an enquiry?  Share the information to their connections via social media?  Whatever you want them to do, make sure you tell them.


Alistair Gammack is a guest blogger from NXO Strategic Marketing, a national marketing consultancy.


Contact: 0870 754 7755