Cloud Computing

Wordsworth once voiced the evocative journey and feeling of wandering lonely as a cloud, and ever since it seems that IT techies and geeks have hijacked this beautiful poetry to bemuse and bamboozle us.

So what is cloud computing, and should I use it, you may well ask?

I personally think the term is rather misleading, and I actually believe if it had been called “Rock Computing” we would all feel more comfortable; or in fact if it was actually called something like “Remote server and secure access to software” we would also actually know what it was.

So, essentially “Cloud Computing” gives us a number of really good benefits:

1.    The removal of large and expensive servers from our local environment, which usually reduces our capital expenditure and property infrastructure costs.
2.    The ability to scale up on an incremental basis, more directly related to our business needs.
3.    Typically, a more secure environment for our data.
4.    Much better ease of installing software and managing users.
5.    Usually much better remote access.

So – once we have that appreciation, we can then plan to see how we can integrate cloud computing into our own and our client’s business.