Cloud accounting for the Healthcare sector

As more of our Healthcare sector clients are seeing the benefits of cloud accounting for their practice / business, MHA Moore and Smalley have been exploring the benefits of such a provision for our Healthcare sector individuals.

1. Instant access

The use of OuickBooks Self Employed (QBSE) from Intuit may be just the thing to help take the stress out of your record keeping for your personal expenses (PEPPS) or rental properties, and here’s how:

As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can access your data anytime, anywhere.  No software installation, no processing at a single location.

2. Automatic bank feeds

The software is designed to sync automatically with most online banking.  The transactions will appear in QBSE as they appear on your online accounts and you then simply allocate the monies received or spent as either ‘business’, ‘personal’ or create a ‘split’ if shared.  You are able to link multiple accounts and credit cards.

3. Paperless possibilities

Receipts can be added or emailed in to the system which means all records could be digital.

4. Mileage app

A mileage app can be linked in order to assist with claiming mileage or logging business miles travelled in the year by automatic tracking.  If enabled, the miles travelled are then allocated as either ‘business’ or ‘personal’ just like your bank transactions.

5. Value for money

MHA Moore and Smalley offer a reduced rate for the licence when clients buy it direct from us rather than via Intuit. The discount is in the order of 40% after their introductory offers. Please contact us for further details. Licences include updates and support from Intuit.

6. Reporting

At the end of the year, send us a copy of the ‘Tax details’ report from the system and we will use this to calculate your claims and\or produce your annual lettings statements.

For more information, contact our dedicated QBO Healthcare team at or telephone us on 01772 821 021.