Charity Digital Code of Practice

A digital code of practice has been launched to help charities maximise the potential of digital tools in increasing their “impact, efficiency and sustainability”.  As with the recent Governance Code, this is initially expected to be aspirational with charities working towards achieving best practice.

The code was developed by a steering group and is intended as an overview of key areas that charities need to be aware of.   There are two versions with the version for smaller charities aimed at those with annual income of less than £1 million.

The code of practice is based on seven principles which include consideration of how digital resources can be used to develop the charity in conjunction with the charity’s overall strategy.  It also reviews how any additional risks should be considered and how the charity will adapt as changes in digital resources and use develop.

Each principle includes a description of what success looks like and the elements of best practice.

It is clear that embracing the opportunities of digital tools will be important in the sustainability and success of the charity sector in the future, both in terms of fundraising and potentially on the impact for beneficiaries.  The new code of practice will give charities the tools to develop this area.

Please click here to find out more about the digital code.

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