Charity Commission Consultation on the annual return for 2017

The Charity Commission has launched a consultation on the 2017 annual return. The key issue to note is that this consultation is part of a two-year project to fundamentally review the key information that they collect and display from charities, and that the Commission have indicated there will not be any new questions for the 2017 version of the annual return.


The background to the consultation is that the Commission is seeking to adopt a more risk based approach to its regulatory approach whilst using technology in a smarter way.  It is considering separating the collection of “fundamental information”, the basic details concerning the charity, from questions on regulatory matters, with the former possibly being updated in real-time rather than on an annual basis.  The regulation element will then seek to be more aligned with the key risk themes that the Commission has identified, and target these on a charity’s activities rather than by organisational size as currently.


The consultation asks for responses by 9 March 2017 on three questions:


1. Do you agree that the fundamental information about charities should be kept up to date by charities throughout the year so that the charity register is accurate?


2. Do you agree that the questions in the annual return should be structured so that they match the Commission’s regulatory risk priorities?


3. Do you agree that more detailed questions within any theme should be targeted only at charities for which the information is relevant?


To read more and to take part in the survey, please click here.