Charities Online makes Gift Aid repayment claims easier


HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) have announced that an online Gift Aid filing system will be introduced on 22 April 2013.


The new system, called Charities Online, will enable charities and community amateur sports clubs to make Gift Aid repayment claims electronically.


HMRC state that some of the key benefits of Charities Online will be faster repayments and more accurate claims. Their aim is to process and pay online repayment claims within 15 days.


The current R68(i) paper claim form will be replaced by the following three options:


1.     claim using an online form available through the HMRC website. This will be most suitable for charities who normally file Gift Aid claims for fewer than 1,000 donors;


2.     claim through the charities own database, which will be suitable for charities claiming for more than 1,000 donors at a time. Charities will need to ensure their software is compatible with HMRC’s system; or


3.     claim using a new paper form, called a ChR1. This option is for charities that do not have access to the internet. Form ChR1 will be available to order from HMRC’s Charities Helpline from 25 March 2013.


In order to give charities sufficient time to prepare for Charities Online, HMRC will continue to accept forms R68(i) until 30 September 2013.


Charities need to act now to ensure they are ready for the new system. In particular, they will need to ensure their databases include the following minimum donor information that will be required to make a claim:


– donor initials or first name;


– donor surname;


– donor’s address;


– date of donation; and


– value of donation.


From April 2013, top-up payments under the new Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme must also be claimed using the Charities Online service.


Further guidance is available on HMRC’s websiteat or you can contact David Hackett on 01772 821021.