Charities and safeguarding

Charities have a responsibility to ensure that they do not cause any harm to those they have contact with – in particular, those charities working with children or vulnerable adults. Harm and abuse can have a devastating impact and therefore trustees must ensure that their charity fulfils this responsibility.

The Charity Commission advise of 5 actions that every Trustee should undertake:

  • Identify and manage risks – identify the safeguarding risks that you must manage
  • Have suitable policies and practices in place – install robust safeguarding policies which everyone understands
  • Carry out necessary checks – ensure that staff, volunteers and trustees are suitable to act in their role
  • Protect your volunteers and staff – through clear policies, plus by having insurance in place.
  • Handle and report incidents appropriately – follow your policies and procedures, acting quickly and reporting to all relevant agencies.

A strong safeguarding culture means you protect people, minimise risks of harm or abuse, and instil confidence that any concerns will be dealt with appropriately.

You can read more detailed guidance from the Charity Commission here.