Changes to the Performer Lists

The Performers List service is used for

  • approving Performers who are leaving and joining practices
  • changing details of Performers linked to your practice
  • adding new Performers to the Performers List for England.

A new online service for the administration of Performer Lists launched on 2nd December, removing the need to download and send paper forms for submitting, approving and tracking performer list applications and change notifications. You can now also change your details whenever you like and track changes as they are made.

PCSE Online users within GP Practices will need to be registered on PCSE Online in order to access the new Performer List service. PCSE sent out letters containing a unique access code to the CQC Registered Manager earlier in the year. If your CQC registered manager hasn’t received a letter, they should inform PCSE by emailing

The GPs registered with your practice will be registered automatically but will need to verify their account. To verify the GP’s account, PCSE have been contacting the email address that the GP has registered with the GMC with their GMC Online account. Once they have received this email, verifying their account is as simple as clicking on the link sent to them by PCSE within 72 hours of receiving it. If the link has expired, they can use the ‘Forgotten your login details?’ button on the PCSE Online home page.

Before PCSE have registered your practice and performers to use the new online services you can continue to submit NPL2 and NPL3 forms using the old process and PCSE will process them as usual.

If you need any assistance or information, please contact one of your Healthcare Services team members at MHA Moore and Smalley

Useful links and contacts:

Useful guides for Performer List administration –

PCSE Customer Support Centre – 0333 014 2884