Lancashire Business Survey: Owner managers face nervous 12-months


Over one third of Lancashire and Cumbria businesses surveyed in a poll have recorded an ‘excellent’ first six months of 2010 but are worried about the impact of the coalition’s deep public sector cuts.


Over 100 businesses were surveyed during the latest online poll conducted by Lancashire and Cumbria accountants and business advisors, Moore and Smalley.


38 per cent of businesses reported an excellent start to 2010 with a bright outlook for the rest of the year. However, 62 per cent has endured a tough start to the year with business owners worried about how the government’s emergency budget measures will impact.


Stewart Case, corporate services director at Moore and Smalley, said: “It’s good to see many businesses performing well, but the underlying message is that it is still tough and could get tougher for those businesses affected by the public sector cutbacks.


“It’s not just public sector workers that will feel the brunt of shrinking public sector budgets. Many private sector companies have benefited enormously through contracts with the public sector and such businesses will be hit hard over the coming 12 months.”


“We remain optimistic, there are signs of recovery and there are still many opportunities, but businesses have to remain realistic and lean to ensure they remain competitive.”