Implementing Business Software Systems – Implementation issues


The increases in efficiency, reductions in cost and greater availability of management information promised by business software vendors can be vital to the future success of a company, particularly in the current economic climate.


However, all too often, companies find that new business software doesn’t deliver the level of improvements they were expecting. Furthermore, the price of achieving those improvements is often much higher than anticipated with companies finding that implementing a new business system is not just more costly than expected, but more difficult and time consuming.


Major issues that can affect business software system implementations:


1. Expected benefits not fully realised


2. Costs of the new system outweigh the benefits


3. Implementation costs a lot more than expected


4. Implementation takes a lot longer than expected


5. More staff time required than expected


6. New system never implemented


7. Serious problems when start the system, which impact business


8. Staff reluctant to use, or don’t use, the new system


The implementation of a new business system into a company is all about integrating it into the business processes of that company. Whether your new system is in the ‘cloud’ or running on one of your own servers, the way in which you implement (or integrate) it into your business is key to its success in delivering the expected returns on investment.


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