Building the Northern Powerhouse

The concept of the Northern Powerhouse is not a new one; set out as part of his campaign to transform the economy in 2014, George Osborne coined the phrase to describe the potential collective force to rival London and the South East that the cities of the North can possess, especially Lancashire’s own interventions and strategic developments being made in the key areas of Aerospace, Advanced Engineering, Manufacturing, Energy and Higher Education.


Following the proposed plans to transform the North, came notable plans to develop transport links between key northern cities. The assumed centre of the proposed power house is Manchester, and with new iconic buildings such as Home, and with plans recently approved for two new 50 storey skyscrapers and proposals in place for 23 more, significant investments in the development of Manchester business are already visible.


Lancashire as a whole will play a pivotal part in the concept; Mike Damms, chief executive of the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce has said “The good news is that the country has woken up to the fact that the north has things to offer. The Northern Powerhouse sounds and feels logical and we need to move it on.”


So, what does this mean for businesses in Lancashire? Being better connected to neighbouring cities will not only mean easier access to new areas for potential business reach, but will allow for a greater pool of talent to apply for positions that may previously been unattainable due to a lengthy commute; more responsibility will be given within communities in terms of funding, support and development.


For the Northern Powerhouse to be attainable, there needs to be an ethos of working together within these key areas that goes beyond physical transport connections; there needs to be a communicative hub in each city, with all businesses contributing to the progression of their area.


At nxo, we are committed to the cultural and economic development of our Preston home and beyond; establishing and nurturing relationships with clients and partners alike, both current and prospective, and we feel that for Preston to be an integral part of The Northern Powerhouse, developments need to cover a greater area than just infrastructure; our locality is missing a vital hub of local businesses that can collaborate together and with outside educational institutions to ensure that we are developing the right people for the jobs created.


We would welcome your thoughts on this, please contact us and, should you wish to sit down and discuss how we can all contribute to the success of the Northern Powerhouse, we would be more than happy to.