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How can UK businesses succeed in a post-Brexit world?

Now, for tomorrow

Businesses face a growing challenge to get the right information to help them plan for and succeed in a post-Brexit world.  Our Brexit Hub casts a spotlight on Brexit – helping you manage risks in uncertain times.

MHA Moore and Smalley will endeavour to keep you informed and if necessary, manage any changes that may arise for you personally or for your business – whether it’s Plan A, Plan B or a No Deal.

Speak to us about how we can help your business get Brexit-ready or browse through our Brexit insights and publications below to find out more.

Towards the new normal – Brexit and beyond

The final round of Brexit trade talks is taking place and political deadlock means that a no-deal is becoming most likely.
The deadlock centres on the UK being required to sign up to EU rules in exchange for tariff free access.

Is your business ready for Brexit?

In this video our tax and customs experts in the UK and the Netherlands provide advice to make sure you are ‘Brexit ready’.
This webinar covers the key strategies for importing into the UK including how you will be able be continue trading in the EU effectively and efficiently.

Proactive tax planning and Brexit webinar

In our most recent webinar Jonathan Main, indirect tax partner at MHA Moore and Smalley, discussed topical VAT issues focusing primarily on the implications of Brexit. Whilst our other specialist tax advisers looked at ways of ‘banking’ some of the tax reliefs that are currently available before any Budget measures take effect.

Customs warehousing: The impact of Brexit

Potential border changes for Northern Ireland after Brexit, means that customs warehousing may minimise the duty impact within the UK as

sales to Ireland will become exports to the EU.

Brexit: A view from Europe

It is natural for us to consider Brexit from a UK

perspective, but how are our European neighbours planning for Brexit?  Our Baker Tilly colleagues in the Netherlands share their advice in a recent online post.

MHA Brexit webinar

We are in the process of planning a ‘Brexit deal or no deal’ response webinar.  It will include commentary from our international team at Baker Tilly and an economic update from a well

known economist. We will release the date and booking details soon.

Custom Training

Is your business suddenly exposed to customs processes as a result of the UK departing the European Union?
If so, your employees may need to up-skill to meet the added demands. MHA has developed an in-depth and practical training course for businesses who will be impacted by the Customs changes resulting from Brexit.

Moving goods under the Northern Ireland Protocol

The Cabinet Office published a policy paper earlier this year explaining the anticipated procedures for movement of goods between the EU and Northern Ireland; and between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

Customs grants extension

From 1 January 2021, UK businesses will have to complete customs declarations on the movement of goods between Great Britain and the EU. HMRC has extended its grant funding scheme for businesses needing support.

Authorised Economic Operator Status

The Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) scheme is a voluntary system to identify ‘legitimate’ businesses within the international supply chain as being safe and secure. Now is the time for UK companies to consider AEO. Make sure your business can meet the extra demands that leaving the EU entails.