Benefits in Kind Explained

In our latest healthcare video Andrew Purcell, Tax Manager and Alex Gardner, Tax Consultant discuss benefits in kind.

One of the main points from the discussion within this video is P11Ds which looks at:

– Deadlines regarding submissions and payments
– What a P11D constitutes
– How to accurately review the P11D to avoid any penalties
– Who is responsible for submitting the P11Ds
– What kind of benefits you might expect to have on a P11D if you are an employee of a GP practice
– What to expect when GPs have their own personal service companies

Andrew and Alex also discuss the benefits that you can receive which are free from tax. Some examples are;

– Providing a staff canteen on the premises with free or subsidised meals
– Providing sporting facilities on site
– Childcare vouchers
– Employer funded work training
– Once a year health check-up