Are your Charity details up to date?

Since November, all registered charities in England and Wales have needed to check and update their details before submitting an annual return.

Trustees have a legal obligation to keep the details on the charity register accurate and up to date. This helps maintain public trust and confidence in the charity sector and enables the Charity Commission to contact all charities with any new and important regulatory information.

There are a number of changes that Trustees should be aware of:

  • Trustees will not be able to add a public display name on the charity register. Their full legal name will show to the public.
  • Trustees need to check that the details for their charity’s trustees remain up to date. This includes adding any new trustees and their contact details.
  • All trustees will need to provide their email address or confirm that they do not have one.
  • Trustees will need to provide details of all their charity’s UK bank/building society accounts. This information will not be available to the public.

It is beneficial to complete all the above steps now rather than waiting until the annual return requires submission when obtaining all the necessary information could be time consuming.

If you have any further questions on the requirements of the Charity Commission, please do not hesitate to contact Jack Steer or another member of the charity team at MHA Moore and Smalley.

Please contact Jack Steer on 01524 620 81 or by email at