Are the lights on but nobody is in?

We often hear employer’s complaining because their employee’s are present in body but not in mind and this is displayed in a number of ways.  Whether it’s by having high absence levels, not delivering the results that the business needs them to achieve or simply resigning and the business losing those invaluable skills.
Here’s some quick hints and tips as to what you can do to get your team back on track:
1)  Be clear about your expectations and conduct regular reviews to ensure that your expectations are clearly understood, achievable and that the employee has the skill-set and resources to support them in being successful.
2)  Give praise where praise is due – Recognition doesn’t need to be in the form of recognition, it can be a simple ‘thank you’ and a recognition to that individual that you have noticed and appreciate the work/results that they are delivering for you.
3)  Know your employee – What gets them out of bed and to work?  Are they motivated by challenge, praise or ambition?  It’ll be worth the time an investment.



We hope that you have found this helpful, and if you’d like to know more, just give Sue Green a call on 07951 356700.