Are smaller businesses cost cutting by doing their own payroll?


Over the summer one of our clients, an employer of just over 10 people, approached us to ask if they could use our payroll service whilst their administrator/payroll clerk was on maternity leave.  Our payroll team gladly stepped in to help and the client was very pleased with the service.


As they neared the time when their payroll clerk was due to return to work our client received details of the annual renewal costs from their payroll software provider, which were in excess of £500.  This, together with the fact we had provided a good service, prompted the client ask the question:


“What is the financial, time and training costs of doing my own payroll versus outsourcing?”


The result was that our payroll team were happy to provide a quote to the client and we’re pleased to say that we have now been asked to continue with the payroll service on a permanent basis, both reducing the clients cost and giving them peace of mind.