Are Facebook Ads Worth It?

With day-to-day social media use growing year on year, it is gradually becoming a common staple of many businesses’ marketing plans. There are an abundance of free platforms utilised by 1.77 billion active users across the world and thus, marketers are now presented with an array of different advertising opportunities.

However, an awful lot of businesses are still incredibly sceptical about whether the time and money spent on social media advertising is worth it, particularly on Facebook. The main questions we hear from most of our clients is ‘does Facebook really drive enquiries?’ and ‘is there a good ROI?’. The simple answer to both of these questions is yes, in most instances. However, Facebook should be treated as a different beast altogether when considering other forms of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.

This is mainly because it’s a passive form of promoting your services or brand to consumers. Unlike Google, users are not actively looking and searching for your services, you have to find your audience. With this in mind, the most successful Facebook campaigns make use of promoted posts, sponsored content and adverts that are relevant to their chosen demographic. The objectives offered to advertisers on Facebook are comprehensive; there is a campaign goal for everything you can think of, whether you want to achieve website clicks or gain newsletter downloads, there are options for a range of goals. Juxtapose this with 24 million daily active users and you can understand why businesses of all sizes and industries are beginning to consider Facebook.

Another reason why businesses are flocking to Facebook is because of the incredible targeting options available. With choices spanning: locations, age groups, personal interests, life events, purchase behaviours and lots more, Facebook allows advertisers to hone in on refined audiences with relative ease. One advantage of this is that businesses don’t have to waste their budget on adverts being clicked by inappropriate users. Every single penny spent will go towards engaging with specific demographics. While other platforms like Google Ads and Twitter do have targeting options, they all pale in significance to Facebook.

Ideally, at mmadigital we suggest running both Facebook and Google Adwords campaigns alongside each other to ensure your campaigns are getting maximum exposure, i.e covering both active and passive routes. Although we do understand this is sometimes just not possible due to budget constraints, we have seen Facebook produce a much lower Cost Per Click than Google Adwords, even for some of the most competitive areas in the legal sector. Our advice would be to trial Facebook advertising with a very small budget, you will then be able to gage what your ROI is for the sum invested.

If you would like some more advice on running lead generation campaigns on Facebook or are interested in having our award-winning experts take the reigns, please get in touch by contacting for more information.