Apps as a business tool

Without a shadow of doubt, apps can be an absolutely major benefit to your business activity, and in fact are being increasingly used over a wide range of sectors and uses.


Apps, or applications, were made popular by Apple, following the launch of the first i-phone in 2007 and the App store in mid-2008. Android in late 2008 and Blackberry in mid-2009 have copied, and there are now well over a million apps on the apple store with over 40bn downloads having been made.


From a business perspective apps can act like a mini-website, and with the near ubiquity of smart phones, it’s becoming more and more important for businesses to promote their offerings via an app. This may be to convey information or enable purchases of goods or services to be made.


At Document Direct for example, our clients use an app to help transmit spoken digital dictation to our servers and typists, and as such it is an integral part of our service.


Don’t think apps are just designed for technological businesses or games or designers either, as Liverpool based app designer Crosby Associates has produced over 60 specialist apps for accountants around the country, and these will help impart elements of their advice to existing and potential clients.


Other imaginative uses I have seen include a motorists Speeding Calculator app from lawyers Hill Dickinson, price comparison apps incorporating barcodes and searches for local suppliers and a very clever app from Williams BMW to help you identify your next car, complete with pictures and full service history.


One of my favourites has to be the Halo app for calling taxis in Dublin, which gives you the name and mobile of your expected driver, and takes your payment in a secure fashion as you leave the taxi.


So, very clearly apps are here to stay, and their use and benefit for your business are only restricted by your own imagination. My advice therefore has to be ”make it ‘appen.”


If you would like to know more on the subject, please contact Martyn Best.