Andrew Leeming: Business growth is a mindset


As part of our series of blogs on business growth, we have interviewed leading entrepreneurs and business leaders from around the region. Today, we speak to Andrew Leeming, senior regeneration officer at Lancashire County Council.


Is now a good time to be launching a growth strategy?


It’s best to launch your growth strategy when you and your business are ready. Invest in planning and make sure you have the right people to realise your growth. These are the important factors to make the growth realistic and achievable.


If you are serious about the growth opportunities and potential of your business, get in contact with Lancashire County Council. We may be able to assist you in finding the right people and solutions to your growth requirements.


What are the biggest challenges facing growing businesses?


Proper planning and a great team working with you will give you a better chance of success. Every great business needs access to finance, great people and great ideas, as well as room and space to grow.


Is the North West a good base for a growing business?


The North West is a great place for growing businesses. We have a skilled and committed public sector that is explicitly looking to support the ambitions of growth-hungry companies in Lancashire. We also have loads of fantastic private sector deliverers of business support. We additionally have a diverse and skilled workforce, plus access to leading-edge education.


What would you say to entrepreneurs who feel they can’t get access to funding?


Don’t give up. If your idea is good and you can show that the proper planning is in place, you should be able to find the right solution to finance your business growth. There are other sources of finance available, so don’t just default to the banks. I would urge you to contact the county council to find out what funding could be available.


What makes successful leaders of growing businesses?


The best leaders know their weaknesses and surround themselves with excellent people to meet the needs of the business. They’re able to communicate their vision to their staff and their customers. Understanding that they can’t do everything frees them up to get on with the stuff that they are really good at.


Is there a cultural shift required for growing businesses?


Growing a business is a massive challenge. It cannot be taken lightly and the right mindset is essential. Businesses don’t generally grow on their own. They need nurturing and support. Don’t isolate yourself – work hard in the business, but also make time to work on the business. Be a critical friend to your business and find people that you can trust to give you (sometimes) brutal honesty and support. Growth is a mindset, so surround yourself with like-minded people.