A new style of accounting for forward thinking Barristers: Bar+


HMRC have introduced legislation to digitalise the tax system and the way businesses maintain their records, effective from 1 April 2019.

How businesses interact with HMRC is changing and this means that most VAT registered businesses will have to keep digital accounting records and file their VAT returns directly to HMRC via a ‘functional computer software’.

All VAT Registered barristers will also be required to comply with the new regulations from April 2019 in respect of their first VAT return to be filed after 1 April 2019. This means there is less than 9 months for us to get ready!

We at MHA Moore and Smalley have developed a bespoke service for their Barrister clients known as “Bar+” which uses the cloud based accounting package, Quickbooks Online, which is proving to be very popular with a lot of our clients. This software will ensure that you are fully compliant with Making Tax Digital.


Quickbooks Online embraces the world of technology and allows you to access Bar+ anywhere, anytime through any device – PC, phone, tablets etc. It lets you capture expenses on the go, so you can never forget to claim an expense and all your receipts are kept in one place, in the cloud!

Bar+ offers many additional benefits, all which are outlined in the brochure, linked below.

Bar+ offers a range of packages based around the use of Quickbooks Online, depending on individual clients needs and requirements. These vary from clients using Quickbooks in full (training can be provided for this), uploading receipts and also managing their own VAT online to, us, your accountants doing all the work for you on Quickbooks (which means you can simply send in a box of receipts!).

Prices and further details can be found in our brochure which you can view by clicking here.

If you would like to discuss this in more detail please contact Anisa Desai or call 01772 821 021.

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