A New Reality in London, New York, Paris and…Lancaster


I recently spoke to Tarun Sainani of WT InfoTech , an Augmented Reality Solutions company based in Lancaster Environment Centre.  They augment locations, images, objects & environments.


‘Augmented Reality’ is live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, realworld environment whose elements are augmented by digital content such as sound, video, graphics, animations or GPS data.


Augmented Reality can be experienced through Mobile Phone cameras or Next Generation Glasses, popularized by Google.


“Augmented Reality” (AR) is a horizontal technology which is considered the Eighth Mass Medium by Tomi Ahonen, a world leading mobile strategist.


Not surprisingly it has applications in various sectors like Travel & Tourism, Entertainment, Education, Publishing, Art & Culture, Gaming and Sales & Marketing.


Real world environments like tourist attractions, buildings, tables, books, pamphlets or posters can be associated with various kinds of digital content.


For example, World Around Me (WAM) is an interesting mobile AR application which aims to assist Travellers worldwide. It has been rated by National Geographic Traveller magazine as “one of the best local guide apps”and is currently being used in over 100 countries.


With WAM you can just point your phone’s camera in any direction and discover places of interest like restaurants, bars & pubs, movie theatres, gas stations, banks or pharmacies in that direction, along with their reviews and other details.


When asked about WAM, Tarun said, Whether you’re in London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Milan, New Delhi, Moscow, Miami, Sydney, Rome, Chicago, Munich, Madrid, Mumbai, Los Angeles, Singapore, Vienna, San Francisco or in any other part of the world, WAM will be your local guide and travel partner.


Tarun @wtinfotech would be happy to discuss AR in more detail or you can interact with Tarun’s LinkedIn profile pic using their app WTI World, and don’t be surprised if you see the picture starting to talk!


I have now tried WAM out locally in Lancaster and Morecambe and look forward to WAMMING on my trip to Madrid in a couple of weeks!