5 tips for small business owners this Christmas

When it comes to Christmas time, it can be hard work for small business owners as they are drawn to spending time with family and friends but still have a business to run. Even if the business isn’t open for a few days or maybe even two weeks, there is still the bookkeeping and invoicing to sort.

If you have a cloud accounting package such as Quickbooks, then you should consider this a Christmas gift in itself! Why? Below are just some of the ways you can use the software to reduce your bookkeeping requirements over the festive period

  • Direct bank feeds will continue to update your records throughout the festive period
  • Create invoices before your days off but schedule them to be sent later in the week/holiday period
  • Instead of keeping receipts and having to enter them one by one, take a picture and upload the receipts on your smart phone directly into your records
  • Get customers to set up a Go Cardless account with you. Once your customer is set up you can request payment and get paid a couple of days later, all without having to wait for your customer to come back to work
  • Need to have a quick check on things without going into the office or loading up your laptop? Just get the Quickbook app on your phone or tablet and review things on the move. Your family might not even notice that you are working!