2019 UK Construction Sector Report

Providing a national outlook on the UK construction sector

Our Construction & Real Estate team have worked together to provide a national outlook on the UK construction sector.

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This report analyses operating and accounts data from over 2,100 construction companies and compares companies within six turnover brackets (£5m-10m, £10m-25m, £25m-100m, £100m-150m, £150m-200m and £200m+), allowing you to benchmark your own performance with similar sized businesses.

The report provides an insight into how the construction sector has performed over the past three years and how we expect the sector to perform in the near future, offering guidance about what you can do to maximise opportunities.

Some headline Key Findings:

  • Turnover growth continues to slow with larger firms hit hardest
  • Year on year decline puts squeeze on profit margins
  • Sales cool as depressed demand and Brexit uncertainty bites
  • Stalling profits highlight potential labour costs exposure

We have also included insightful regional analysis, allowing you to see how your geographical region is performing compared to others. The report focuses on the following regions: East of England, London, Midlands, North East, North West, South East, South West, Yorkshire, Scotland and Wales.

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