Our Easter egg donation to Preston North End’s Community and Education Trust

We have donated 400 Easter eggs to Preston North End’s Community and Education Trust to distribute to children who benefit from the trust’s work across Preston.

We began our annual Easter egg donation in 2020, during the UK’s first Covid-19 lockdown. We partnered with the Salvation Army for the initial donation of 350 Easter eggs.

Traditionally, our company’s partners have given all staff an Easter egg each year. Due to staff working from home during the pandemic, the partners decided to instead donate the Easter eggs to good causes in the local community.

Each year we continue to make this donation working with our charity partner, the Community Foundation for Lancashire, to identify the PNE Community and Education Trust to distribute this year’s donation of 400 eggs.

Danny Houghton, partner and social impact lead, said:

“Since we began the Easter egg donation initiative in 2020, MHA Moore and Smalley staff have been keen for us to continue this annually.

“As part of our Environmental, Social and Governance strategy, we have been working with the Community Foundation for Lancashire to help us ensure we make an impact in our local communities.

“We want to be an organisation which uses our skills to help the next generation with financial education and awareness and one of the key aims of the work PNE Community and Education Trust does in the Preston area is to provide an education pathway for all to help people achieve their goals.

“Therefore, it felt like a natural fit this year to ask the trust to distribute the 400 Easter Eggs to children who benefit from the many initiatives their project offers in our local community.”

PNE Community and Education Trust delivers initiatives which create safer, stronger and more resilient communities and provides educational programmes in sport, enterprise and citizenship to support children who may face challenges with traditional learning environments.

Mohammed Patel, Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity and community engagement officer, PNE Community and Education Trust said:

“We really appreciate the donation from MHA Moore and Smalley as it allows us to provide Easter Eggs to those most in need at this time of year.

“They will be distributed across a number of different provisions we offer and the donation will bring smiles to faces.”

Last year, we became a founding investor in the Community Foundation for Lancashire. As an organisation we aim to make an impactful and sustainable difference to those most in need and improve the lives of the county’s residents.