MHA Corporate Finance Overview 2017

2017 was a very busy year for transactions for MHA firms nationally and our latest Corporate Finance Overview sets out transactions completed in the year.

MHA advised on 85 completed domestic and cross-border transactions, enabling our entrepreneurial client base to pursue strategies for growth, deliver succession plans and realise shareholder value; this represents a 37% increase on 2016 completed transactions.

MHA firms also secured top rankings in a number of the UK’s regions in 2017 and our teams won numerous M&A awards. MHA Moore and Smalley advised on corporate deals worth in excess of £25m in 2017.

Business owners need to give consideration to the tax planning strategies related to their transactions, for example does a sale qualify for Entrepreneur’s Relief? Our tax 2017-18 planning guide offers guidance.

What can we expect from the corporate deals market in 2018?

Stephen Gregson, Corporate Finance Director at MHA Moore and Smalley believes there will be many opportunities in 2018 for those who have an open mind and are alive to them.
Stephen said: “If you are thinking of selling then ask yourself why this is. What is it that you are trying to achieve by selling the business? Is it a sum of money? Or is freeing up your time more important?

Depending upon your ultimate goal it may be possible to achieve this in another way and yet still retain ownership of the business.

“To those who are considering acquisitions, getting your funding in place beforehand will give you certainty, flexibility and the ability to act quickly.”

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