Less than 50% of business owners have a growth strategy for their business

MHA Moore and Smalley Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers conducted an online survey in correspondence with their online Business Growth Week. The initiative of Business Growth Week was to provide free advice to businesses proactively trying to grow their businesses.

However, results revealed that only 45% of business owners and professionals across the region had a growth strategy for their business. That leaves 55% of business owners acting without a structured approach.

Commenting on the findings, Damian Walmsley, Partner at MHA Moore and Smalley said, “A strategy is vital for business success.  To successfully grow a business one should be able to identify, clarify, focus and act upon a plan, surprisingly for many business owners this only needs to be one page document.

That’s why Stephen Gregson and I offer a service called Growth+. The workshops help those who may feel in the dark about their business strategy.

To grow a business, business owners must highlight their priorities, provide solutions and take responsibility.”

The North West accountancy firm have provided a free online video series that offers advice on how business owners can successfully grow their business. Click here for the video series.