Keeping Your Charity on the Right Track

Never has governance been more important in the third sector. We have created a tool that can help you improve your organisation’s governance in a stepped and measured way. However, there are many tools, guides and websites you can use to help you on your journey and we have referenced some in our document.

The Not for Profit sector is dealing with continued challenges from numerous directions. Changing legislation is placing a cost burden onto organisations already struggling with funding issues. Governance continues to be key in maintaining and developing a successful organisation, being alive to taxation changes has become imperative and the charity regulators are adopting a more rigorous approach.

Month 1 – Are we an Effective Board?

Month 2 – Do we Have an Effective Finance Function – Reporting to the Board?

Month 3 – Does Your Finance Function Allow for Effective Financial Reporting – SORP Compliance

Month 4 – Charity Reserves: Building Financial Resilience

Month 5 – Is Tax on Your Radar? Considering the Tax Implications of Strategic Plans

Month 6 – Are Charities Making use of Effective Resources?

Month 7 – Reporting – Ensuring Outcomes and Impact are Clearly Communicated

Month 8 – Internal Audit/Internal Controls Reviews

Month 9 – You’ve Looked at Your Internal Controls – how do they stand up to Fraud?

Month 10 – Cyber Security – Threat or No Threat?

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