Josh and another become members of the North West Chartered Accountants Student Society Committee

Two Moore and Smalley employees have successfully obtained a key role on the committee for the North West Chartered Accountants Student Society (ICAEW NWCASS).

An audit senior from our Southport office, and Josh Sayle, a corporate and special tax assistant from our Lancaster office, have become ‘Chair for the second year’ and ‘Treasurer’ after putting themselves forward to join the committee at an AGM back in April 2015.

This is the second year running in the role of chair, with Josh being new to the treasurer role, replacing another Moore and Smalley employee, Jody Spencer-Anforth. Moore and Smalley have a long-standing history of committee members with many other employees having previously held influential roles within the society including (Sarah Dew 2014 Student Representative NWCASS).

The North West Chartered Accountants Student Society boasts 260 students under its local network, who both Josh and another will be representing and supporting throughout the next financial year at numerous ISC student conferences and continuous professional development events. One of which, the London Treasurers event, has between 50 and 100 students from other accountancy practices in attendance, thus being a fantastic opportunity for them, and Moore and Smalley to be a part of.