We make festive donation to children’s charity

This year we have made the decision to donate £1000 to a charity in lieu of having Christmas trees in all our offices. Whilst real trees have a neutral carbon footprint, the decorations which we regularly replace do not, as they are generally plastic and petroleum-based products. In addition, our energy consumption will be reduced by not running electric tree lights.

We believe the money can be better utilised by a charity and this demonstration of how we see our impact on the environment and in society marks another step on our ESG journey, with more to follow on this soon.

We have chosen a nationwide charity, Cash for Kids

Cash for Kids is a grant-giving charity helping the children that need it most across the UK.

Their mission is to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and young people in communities who are affected by poverty, illness, neglect or have additional needs. They believe that all children should be able to express their individuality, achieve their potential and live life to the full.

On receipt of the funds Rosalina Lobo, Charity Manager at Cash for Kids Lancashire said:

“We are blown away by the generosity of MHA Moore and Smalley, thank you all for this incredible donation towards our Gift Appeal this year.”

The charity works with grass-roots organisations that aim to make a difference to young lives, directly supporting families who often have nowhere else to go.

Collectively Cash for Kids raised £21.4 million across the UK in 2021, supporting 548,102 children and we are proud have supported this fantastic charity with their work.