Client-focused strategy drives strong growth for MHA Moore and Smalley’s global network

The worldwide network of professional services firms to which MHA Moore and Smalley belongs has announced significant growth in global revenues.

The Baker Tilly International network has announced combined global revenues of US$3.9bn for the year ended 31 December 2019, representing year-on-year growth of 9% at constant exchange rates.

MHA Moore and Smalley is an independent member of Baker Tilly International which is the world’s 10th largest accountancy and business advisory network.

Baker Tilly’s global headcount has increased 4.7%, to 36,332 people working out of 742 offices in 146 territories.

Danny Houghton, partner at MHA Moore and Smalley, said: “Whether they trade internationally or not, and regardless of their size, businesses are affected by global issues on a daily basis. Being part of Baker Tilly International offers our specialists and clients access to thousands of specialists in territories across the world.

“The reason the network is experiencing strong growth is because member firms are aligned with a clear strategy that’s focused on providing trusted advice to clients, helping business owners to make decisions now that will benefit them far into the future.”

Baker Tilly’s figures show that revenue growth, in local currency, was strong in all regions and was led by North America at 11%, Asia Pacific at 10%, Latin America at 9%, Middle East and Africa at 9%, and Europe at 5%.

Ted Verkade, network CEO of Baker Tilly International, said: “2019 saw us record our highest combined year-on-year growth in a decade. More than 20 mergers and acquisitions were completed across the network, coupled with strong organic growth, in each case strengthening our client service offering.

“We know that there are big waves on the horizon for professional services, many of which will directly impact our clients’ businesses and bring new responsibilities for business leaders, not least to continue to provide great futures to their people. Many will impact the communities in which we work. “Our client-focused strategy is designed to position us, and our clients, now to enable us to embrace the opportunities these changes will bring – from technology disruption and sweeping legislation, through to further regulation of the auditing profession.

“Managing, and preparing for, those changes has been part of our planning for several years. I am confident that the work we have done in 2019 sets us up for a strong growth phase in the coming years.”

MHA Moore and Smalley is also part of MHA, a UK wide association of eight independent accountants and business advisers with 50 offices nationwide. MHA collectively employs over 170 partners, 2,200 staff and has a combined turnover of £143m.

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