63% of business owners and professionals experience higher levels of stress during the summer holidays due to low staffing

Summer holidays are often a time when staffing levels fall within the business. An online survey conducted by Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers, MHA Moore and Smalley, found that 63% of business owners and professionals across the region feel that their stress levels rise under these circumstances.

Higher levels of stress within the workplace can have a negative effect on an employee and their health and wellbeing. Employees may feel overworked during the summer holidays as their fellow employees are in and out of the office at different periods.

It is important that the management team within businesses educate and support themselves and their employees in these periods where stress levels are likely to rise.

To find out more on how you can effectively manage stress within the workplace, MHA Moore and Smalley have provided an array of content on their website. You can find the materials by following the links included below.

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